Who should be given the Honour of writing the Ras message?

Throughout the week of the Urdd National Eisteddfod in Pembrokeshire, Ras yr Iaith will ask the Welsh people who should be given the honour of writing the Ras message. This is the message which will be inserted inside the Baton of this fun relay race in support of the Welsh language which will be passed from hand to hand before being proclaimed at Cardigan on Sunday 15 September 2013.

“Our intention is to approach a person who’s made an stand for the Welsh language to write this important message. Our hope is that the message will then inspire all the runners and supporters and those who’ve taken part in the Ras yr Iaith which is held for the first time ever this year,” explained Gwenno Hywel on behalf of Cered, Ceredigion’s Menter Iaith (language initiative) who are coordinating Ras yr Iaith.

The Baton with the message inside will be the integral part of the relay race which sets off from Glyndwr’s parliament building at Machynlleth on the afternoon of Friday 13 September and finishes at Cardigan on Sunday evening 15 September 2013.

Ras yr Iaith has been inspired by other very successful fun runs for Irish, Breton and Basque. In those countries a wide cross-section of people have written the messages from the President of the Republic in Ireland to well-known sports stars and poets in the Basque Country and Brittany.

“People are welcome to suggest politicians, writers, poets, sportsmen or women, entertainers or campaigners – any one! We want a message of determination, hope and promise by the writer. The can drop in their suggestions at the Mentrau Iaith Cymru stand at the Eisteddfod,” said Rhidian Evans o Menter Iaith Sir Benfro (Pembrokeshire’s Welsh language initiative) who are one of the organisations helping to coordinate the run and who are responsible for the Mentrau Iaith Cymru stall at the Urdd Eisteddfod.

“As well as welcoming suggestions for the Ras there will also be a whole host of other events at the Mentrau Iaith stand and there’s a very warm welcome to kids, parents and all visitors to the Eisteddfod,” added Rhidian.

People may submit their suggestions at the Mentrau Iaith stand or they can email post@rasyriaith.org or tweet their names to www.twitter.com/rasyriaith or even drop a name on the Ras facebook page, www.facebook.com/rasyriaith

Education and Welsh Language Minister to visit Stand

Leighton Andrews AM, the Minister responsible for the Welsh language will also pay a visit to the Mentrau Iaith Cymru stand lunch time on Monday 27 May. During his visit he will meet Dewi ‘Pws’ Morris who composed the Ras yr Iaith song and learn more about this progressive and exciting fun run.


Gwenno Hywel: gwenno.hywel@ceredigion.gov.uk 07989 22 77 43
Rhidian Evans, Menter Iaith Sir Benfro: rhidian@mentersirbenfro.com 07805 15 12 91

Ras yr Iaith is coordinated by Cered, Menter Iaith Ceredigion with the support of the mentrau iaith in Pembrokeshire, West Carmarthenshire and Montomgeryshire. The Ras also benefits from the support of other organisations such as Mid Wales Welsh for Adults and volunteers.

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